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About Us

Our friendship began at a local gym. A gym that was designed to deliver unique, high intensity workouts that challenged you everyday. Through our competitive nature, we found ourselves pushing one another to the limits. Adding different modalities and always making sure we were getting stronger & faster.


When you combine a financial guru with a technical sage, your bound to give yourself the opportunity to strike greatness. When we decided to build Fitness Whiteboard, we signed an agreement that our friendship would always stay in tact and that we wouldn’t deliver a product until we knew it would solve the problem we always saw existed – the ability to use a platform that could adjust to the ever changing climate of workouts, fitness, and people.


We hope you enjoy what we have brought to the market, and will continue to bring. We are solely focus on delivering a product that will bring value to your individual performance & fitness goals.


Chris Fleming


Yusuf Qasim



Fitness Whiteboard is a centralized platform for building, managing, and analyzing your workouts. We want to give you a tool that goes wherever you go, and never limits the confines of your workout.